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Algebra [15 Dec 2014|03:54pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

After a semester of tearing my Afro out over quadratic functions, polynomials, theorems, logarithms, and matrices, not to mention boring my family and you all to death with never ending bitching about how I couldn’t do this … the final grade is in.

Warning: GIF Heavy ... is three heavy?Collapse )

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Hi, All. [14 Dec 2014|12:48pm]
My LJ account has gone back to a basic account, and I’m trying to find it within me to care. The credit card I have with them expired, so of course the attempt to charge it didn’t pan out, so my paid account has expired, too. But LJ has been screwing up so much lately I’m trying to remember why it’s worth my money. It looks like all my scrapbook pictures are still there, and it’s not like this lessens the amount of friends I can have or posts I can view. The only thing I’m missing is some of my more fun icons, and maybe later I’ll start to care about that, but right now it’s no big loss. I guess I’m just still pissy over LJ’s recent shutdowns. Between that and holiday expenses, it’s just bad timing for LJ to hit me up for money right now.

Well, finals week is over, and I’m starting to get my grades back. It looks like I’ll be getting a B+ in political science, and I surprised myself with an A in Spanish. Not only did I ace English, but my professor recommended me for a graduate study program. I wasn’t even thinking about going beyond a baccalaureate, because I don’t have the money (and I still don’t – it’s not like they offered me funding or anything). Still, it’s nice to know if I keep my grades up I very well could qualify for a department scholarship plus a teaching assistant position, and use the combined monies to go for a Master’s degree in Literature.

Only Algebra still taunts me, because the teacher hasn’t finished grading the final exams yet. I hope he takes his time, and gives me every scrap of extra and partial credit that he can. Everything on the final exam looked familiar, but that doesn’t mean I got the answers right. Still, all I need is a D to satisfy degree requirements.

I’m not sure I’ll know what to do with myself until the spring semester, even with a kid, a husband, and a house to look after. Of course, I do have quite a few fanfics to catch up on. :) Any recommendations? What have I missed since late August?
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Ah, Reunions [27 Nov 2014|06:26pm]
First off, I hope everyone had a good Turkey Day. I burned my fingertips doing something stupid in the kitchen, but other than that ours was great. Instead of either watching or playing football, my husband is playing a video game - about football. :) Our son is enjoying a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles marathon, and I wish I could join him because I used to love that show, too. I'm so grateful for my family of geeks, among the countless other blessings I'm celebrating today.

I have also been banging my head against my desk trying to figure out my algebra homework. My math teacher is the only teacher who gave me homework for Thanksgiving, and his is the only material I can't understand without help, but of course neither the instructor or the lab full of tutors are available right now. Both the project and the homework are due as soon as school resumes.

It's Thanksgiving, so I'm having a drink. Or two.

* * * * *

My husband called me into the living room the other night while he was watching NCIS: New Orleans. He didn’t specify, but only said, “You’ll want to see this!” So I go in and see the main character, portrayed by Scott Bakula, interrogating some politician’s father … played by Dean Stockwell. I am an old enough science fiction fan that I remember enjoying Quantum Leap as a kid. It was one of the first shows that let me know sci-fi was my thing.

This moment reminded me of all the Firefly fans who now watch Castle, and have an extra squee whenever an old member of the Serenity crew shows up to interact with Nathan Fillion’s character. It also reminded me of a time when I came across a rerun of Law & Order SVU, which for the longest time starred Christopher Meloni, and he ended up interrogating – and having a damned near homoerotic scene with – Lee Tergesen, the actor who played his lover for years on OZ. And I will always remember the final moments of Newhart, when Bob Newhart woke up at the end of the series finale of his second hit show to find himself in bed with Suzanne Pleshette, who played his wife from his first hit show. Turned out the entire second series was a dream the first character had. Now that was an unusual reunion!

One day, years after Supernatural is off the air, maybe Jensen Ackles will star on another show, and one night it may happen to have a special guest appearance by Jared Padalecki. Or, for all you Jared girls out there, imagine Jared starring in a show, and seeing “Guest Starring Jensen Ackles” at the bottom of the screen. I’m already looking forward to basking in the nostalgia, and maybe just a bit of old lady squeeing.

What are some of your favorite onscreen reunions? I know I’ve missed a few.
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Just an Update, but First ... [24 Nov 2014|09:18pm]
The worst part about the Michael Brown verdict? I’m not even surprised by it. I’ll leave it to others far more eloquent than I to write paragraphs about this; I can’t even go there right now.

* * *

In other far better news, my mammogram came back clean. It’s a relief to know I have my health, and that this is one less thing to worry about.

My classes are going okay, though I’m not acing everything like I hoped (or maybe even cockily assumed) I would. I’m currently averaging an A in English and a B in political science, and I think I’m hovering between an A and a B in Spanish, but math is of course the wild card. I’m currently somewhere around 74%, and I don’t know the exact percentage because my teacher hasn’t tabulated all the homework, quizzes, projects, and extra credit yet, so all I can do is guess based on the exam scores. Still, if I can just pass with a D that will be enough for both Texas State and Veterans’ Affairs, so I’ll keep working my ass off just to keep my percentage above seventy. We’ve moved on to matrices, a form of algebra I’d never even freaking heard of before this class. Fun.

I’ll be taking my son with me to class tomorrow, because somehow he got the entire week off for Thanksgiving, while I get three days and my husband only gets two. Why do kids get all the lucky breaks … and why do we never realize how good we have it while we’re still little?

I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving has a good one (I also hope those that don’t celebrate still get a couple of extra days off). I’ll spend my Thanksgiving break working on several algebra homework assignments, including one on the only math subject that could actually be useful later in life, how compound interest works. Maybe I’ll remember this stuff for when we buy a house someday, but I’m doing a brain dump on everything else from this class the moment I turn in my final exam.

Well, back to studying. Hope you all are doing okay.
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My First Mammogram [14 Nov 2014|03:37pm]
Just to be clear, this was a routine exam - I felt no lumps or anything. My doctor said I should do it just because I'm 40. As it turns out, the experience wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I’ve heard some stories over the years from women who made it sound like they needed two icepacks and a Motrin afterwards, so I was a bit worried. I had dreams about the machine flattening the girls until they popped like balloons, that they’d never regain their original shape and look like pancakes forevermore. I called my mom and asked her what to expect. Never one to sugarcoat things just because somebody’s nervous, she said, “Expect to get your titties smashed.” She used to be a nurse; I sometimes wonder what her bedside manner was like with the patients. :)

Anyway, it turns out I got a tech who’s out to change that perception, one mammogram at a time. She knows what it’s like to be in that machine, and believes it doesn’t have to be so traumatic. She made a point of talking to me the entire time, explaining why everything was happening, asking me how I felt and if I had any questions. Her hands were warm (never underestimate the importance of that), and treated my breasts like she remembered there was someone attached to them.

The machine itself wasn’t nearly as unbearable as I thought it would be. It pressed just enough to make me wish I could be somewhere else, and then it immediately eased up. My tech has heard horror stories from other patients, women who said they thought the technician was trying to make them cry, and she is determined to make sure her patients don't dread their next visit. I had to fill out a customer survey card on her, she was so awesome!

My chest is still sore, but I’ve had worse during PMS. I’m sure I’ll be fine after a night’s sleep. Now comes the part I should actually be worried about – awaiting the results.
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Adventures of a 40 Year-Old College Student, Part Two [02 Oct 2014|09:04pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Wherein I whine about being old, and then get over it.Collapse )

And for others who'd like a trip down Memory Lane, or who are just curious:

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My Icon Says it All [25 Sep 2014|07:01pm]
[ mood | still overwhelmed ]

Yesterday in math class we were given a project. I have to solve this equation, graph it on a Cartesian coordinate plane, and write a paragraph about why it works. Then I'm supposed to come up with an equation of my own, and graph it as well. Finally, I'm supposed to solve and graph four smaller equations and explain why they're each different from each other.

Here is the equation I'm supposed to solve:

x10 + 5x8y2 – 22x8y – 53.5x8 + 10x6y4 – 88x6y3 + 95x6y2 + 280x6y + 1358.06x6 + 10x4y6 – 132x4y5 + 606x4y4 – 1330x4y3 + 3005.19x4y2 – 6405.13x4y – 8819.69x4 + 5x2y8 – 88x2y7 + 713x2y6 – 3500x2y5 + 11232.2x2y4 – 16998.3x2y3 – 16542.4x2y2 + 104199x2y – 75856.3x2 + y10 – 22y9 + 255.5y8 – 1890y7 + 9585.06y6 – 34257.1y5 + 85245.3y4 – 150140y3 + 178241y2 – 134550y + 47531.3 = 0

It's due next Friday.
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If you're wondering why you haven't heard much from me lately ... [23 Sep 2014|08:35pm]
[ mood | overwhelmed ]

... it's because school is kicking my ass.Collapse )

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Adventures of a 40 Year-Old College Student [25 Aug 2014|02:58pm]
Day OneCollapse )
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I Miss My Shows [21 Aug 2014|02:19pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

I just walked into my favorite coffeehouse, and the guy behind the counter lit up and smiled, pointed at me and said, “You’re a fan? I knew I liked you!” I had to look down at myself before I remembered I’d put on the “Browncoats” shirt that hanarobi gave me on my last visit. We spent the next 10 minutes jabbering excitedly about Firefly and the numerous references made on Castle and Big Bang Theory, while his “normal” co-worker stood there uncomfortably left out of the conversation. I love those moments when geeks are in the majority. :D

But now I’m just reminded how much I miss that show, along with other great shows that were cancelled way too soon. I remember the guy saying he’s still not over the cancellation of Firefly, a sentiment the entire fandom shares. I’m still pissed that just as I was discovering Almost Human, the show got the ax; hell, I can’t even get a release date on the DVD set. As much as I loved The Peacekeeper Wars, it still irks me that the movie exists because someone decided we didn’t need just one more season of Farscape. I enjoyed the final episode of Eureka, but it’s a bit bittersweet to consider that their series finale condensed all the story ideas they originally had planned for their next season, before they were told out of the blue they weren’t getting another season. And to this day, it’s still hard for me sometimes to sit down and watch Freaks & Geeks, knowing the show could have at least lasted until the freshmen graduated.

What really bothers me is I know this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of great shows that wrapped too soon, while in the meantime reality shows like Survivor are in, what, their 30th season? And haven’t the Kardashians reached the double digits, too? Just, sigh. Also, ugh.

So as long as I’m spreading this wonderful feeling around, what shows do you miss?

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In True Misha Fashion ... [19 Aug 2014|01:29pm]
[ mood | amused ]

... he has accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and found a way to hilariously one-up everyone!

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Damn. [11 Aug 2014|06:50pm]

I'll likely edit this several times, because it seems like no words are enough.

There aren't that many comedians who could make me laugh until I was wiping away tears, but Robin was one of them.

I'm one of those people old enough to remember him from Mork & Mindy, and his Comic Relief fundraisers with Whoopi Goldberg and Billy Crystal. I'd like to think we all have at least one favorite Robin Williams movie or performance, whether comedy or drama.

And that was another thing, how the guy could deliver a dramatic performance just as powerful as any serious actor - not all standup comedians can do that. The man wasn't just a comedian, or just an actor. He was an artist.

Man, I just feel for his wife. I can't imagine what she's going through, and I don't want to. I just hope she's surrounded by family and friends who'll offer her love, sympathy, and support, not misplaced blame or judgment. It's not that I don't feel for the rest of his family, but reading her statement just about gutted me. Her best friend is gone.

I'm no expert, but as I understand depression, it can bog down a person’s mind until they can’t even form a thought, and all but paralyze them physically. It can leave them mustering all their willpower and bodily strength just to get out of bed and face the world. I couldn’t imagine feeling like that for 40 days, and I sure as hell wouldn’t be much use to anyone during that time. This man battled feeling like that for 40 YEARS, and meanwhile managed to keep us all in stitches laughing. So I don’t see him finally losing his battle as a sign of weakness. Instead I look at how long and hard he fought, and all he accomplished in the meantime, and see it as proof of how strong he was. I know that suicide is a touchy subject, and everyone has their own equally valid opinion, but that’s just how I feel about it.

The shock has only begun to wear off, and now I'm remembering all the times he made me laugh. I just realized my first date with my husband was to see the movie Patch Adams, and one of our favorite comic standup performances was his Live on Broadway DVD. Aladdin is still one of my favorite Disney films, solely because of his role as the genie. I think the first time I became convinced he was a genius was when I was six years old, and saw him play Popeye; no one else could have utterly convinced me that this cartoon character had come to life - voice, mannerisms, and all. I know I'm not even coming close to listing his best work here, but this is the stuff I remember right now.

You know, even though I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes, I can feel a small smile on my lips, as I think about some of his best work on stage and in film? If that's not a testament to how brilliant Robin Williams was, I don't know what is. Even when I want to cry for him, he can still remind me why I should remember how to laugh.

Rest in peace, funnyman. For all the laughs you've given us, you've more than earned it.
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Because I'm a bit of an idiot, here's a link to my fic [09 Aug 2014|05:10pm]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

You know, when most people write fanfic, even if it’s for a specific community, they still remember to post it in their own journal. But not me!

Earlier this month, spn_on_parade had a fic prompt challenge, and I finally managed to break through YEARS of writer’s block to participate. The response I’ve gotten has been amazing, but in all this excitement I forgot to do one thing: provide a link in my own journal. Cue the facepalms.

So, with apologies and thanks to the LJ friends who’ve been encouraging me over the years to stop doubting myself and just write something already, thanks for not giving up on me. Even if you’re not Supernatural fans, and couldn’t care less about the Funko Pop doll phenomenon, I owe this story in no small part to you.

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For Wings [07 Aug 2014|01:15am]
[ mood | still nervous ]

So, wings128 makes these, um, “Wet Wednesday” posts (those who are friends of hers know what I’m talking about), and I made a suggestion about what might be going on in the picture, and she asked me to turn that suggestion into a fic. Some of you already know I only climbed back on the fanfic writing horse about 10 seconds ago, after years of procrastination and feeling intimidated, and churning out some Sam/Dean slash that even holds a candle to some of the truly brilliant stuff out there made me want to run and hide. But this is the second time Wings has asked me to write something, and I still feel bad about chickening out of the first request.

So here I am, attempting to write some Wincest, and I can only hope that Wings decides it was worth asking for.

TITLE: Turning the Tables
AUTHOR: kinkthatwinked
BETA: None, all mistakes are mine
FANDOM: Supernatural
GENRE: Slash
RATING: R for language and some sexual acts
SUMMARY: A simple shower becomes a power play


Read more...Collapse )

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Happy Birthday to Me! [27 Jul 2014|07:09pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

Well, it’s official today. I am 40 years old. Yay.

Read more...Collapse )

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Random Update [22 Jul 2014|02:14pm]
[ mood | calm ]

In which I talk about college, fangirling, and misinterpreted literary works.Collapse )

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For SPN & HP Fans -- Just Thought I Would Share This [15 Jul 2014|09:18pm]
I was actually using Google to look up "The Mirror of Love" by Alan Moore, and came across this instead. As a fan of both Supernatural and Harry Potter, I had to share.

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Looking for Fan Advice [28 Jun 2014|02:46pm]
[ mood | curious ]

I caught a rerun of The X-Files the other day, and it occurred to me that it's been so long since I've watched this show that I've forgotten how nearly all of these cases are solved. I don't own the DVDs, so now I'm thinking about buying them, since it'll be like watching the show for the first time again. So I'd like the advice of my fangirl friends, since I'm pretty sure you all remember (and maybe already own) this classic series - which seasons are the best ones?


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I Can't Believe This Happened [17 Jun 2014|10:44pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

My 7-year old son went outside to play with the 8-year old boy next door this afternoon, and came home with quite the disturbing story.
Warning: 'Bad Touching' Triggers HereCollapse )

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Rest in Peace, Maya [28 May 2014|07:48pm]
[ mood | saddened by her death, and proud of her life ]

Maya Angelou passed away this morning. Other people are finding the words to express what she meant to the black community, to women, to lovers of poetry and literature, and I can’t come close to that kind of fitting epitaph.

But I can tell you this.Collapse )

For some reason, the video embed refuses to work, so here's a YouTube video of her reciting "Phenomenal Woman."

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